Inconsistent Meatgrinder Renderings

This characterizes yet another issue with Smashwords. The Meatgrinder grinds out inconsistent ebook versions.

I have always viewed the .mobi version of Meatgrinder’s output, assuming that all versions are nearly identical. That apparently isn’t true. Below are two screenshots of it’s output. One version is a screenshot of the .epub version posted by Mark Coker on his blog. The other is a screenshot of the .mobi version that I downloaded from Smashwords today.

Coker posted his to demonstrate inconsistent paragraph formatting in my book. His .epub version shows a mixture of block and indented paragraphs. The .mobi version I downloaded shows all indented paragraphs. Same book (Wizard Dawning by CM Lance) different ebook results from the Meatgrinder.

This first image is the one Coker posted on his blog.

The next image is the .mobi version that I downloaded. It is viewed on Kindle for PC. As you can see, the block paragraphs that show up in the Epub version show up as indented paragraphs in the .mobi version. Incidentally, there is also a difference in the way that the chapter heading is rendered. Anyone can view the differences by downloading both versions from Smashwords. It’s free.

Coker is right. The block paragraphs do show up in the .epub version, but they don’t show up in the .mobi version. What’s the problem with Meatgrinder?


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3 responses to “Inconsistent Meatgrinder Renderings

  1. Once you reformat the book per the Style Guide (I’d recommend the Nuclear option), the two will be consistent. The Kindle reader will automatically insert a first line indent if it doesn’t see one.

    • Funny how that information doesn’t show up in the “style guide”. You come up with all kinds of undocumented excuses for Smashwords issues. Your nuclear option is ridiculous in name and function. Books that are accepted on Kindle and Nook are rejected by Smashwords. You approach the process with a “Me better than them” attitude that is totally unjustified.

    • OK, I re-formated the book per the style guide. I made sure that all paragraphs had the same format. If you’ll look at my latest blog, you’ll see what I think is a Meatgrinder problem. It is introducing random block paragraphs into a text that is set up for indented. Could Meatgrinder have been sabotaged?

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